Learn Greek Cooking On Amorgos

This experience allows clients to learn the secrets of producing some of the food you will enjoy on your holiday. You will go out into the fields and onto farms to help pick the very best produce for you to prepare traditional Greek fare at one of the tavernas.

Nikos will share generations of family recipes with you and invite you to try your hand at preparing the dishes. You will see in the fishermen on the quay and with guidance choose a fish of the day and then take it to a nearby taverna where Andonis and his family will show you how to prepare and cook it.

Work as an apprentice in the kitchen with qualified chefs who will guide you to prepare some dishes of the day for fellow guests and of course yourself. Learn some tricks of the trade and take back home your skills to practice on family and friends.

Helping Illias in the old stone olive press will earn you some oil to use in the old kitchens of Langada cooking over an open fire. Maria in Tholaria will guide you in the preserving of capers which Nicolas her husband will have shown you on the cliff sides. This experience really gets you close to the local people, their life and their cuisine. We don't guarantee you total success but you will have great fun trying to achieve it!

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